Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Down the Easter Road: An Online Lenten Prayer Series with Hangad

While we often eagerly anticipate the joy and celebration of Christmas, we seldom appreciate the significance of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. Yet Easter is the Christian occasion of greatest importance—even more so than Christmas. After all, everyone is born—but only Christ was reborn! What would be the significance of Christ's birth, if there had not been a Resurrection? What would be the meaning of Christmas, if Jesus did not go on to suffer, die, and rise again?

This Lenten season, we in Hangad invite you to join us in our preparations for Holy Week and Easter, with Down the Easter Road: an Online Lenten Prayer Series with Hangad.

Down the Easter Road is a four-part online prayer guide comprising readings, reflections, and songs. A new chapter in the recollection will be uploaded each Sunday from March 15 to April 6. Simply set aside 20 minutes each week to visit the site and go through the different materials there, and you’ll discover a deepened Lenten season.

And on April 25, we will culminate Down the Easter Road with an Easter concert which we will also place online.

Click here to start your journey with us Down the Easter Road.

Hangad is a group of young professionals and students, bound by their desire to help others know God through music. Over the past 18 years, the group has recorded six albums and produced four music videos under the Jesuit Music Ministry; as well as staged concerts inside and outside the Philippines, sung for weddings and Masses, and given workshops to parish choirs. Find out more about Hangad at, or e-mail us at

Friday, January 9, 2009

Trip down memory lane

Yet another Lego post from my blog -- this time, a combination of a rare lazy day in the office, and excitement over the newly-discovered site. Hugely nostalgic! :-)

I tried to arrange the sets chronologically, but I'm sure I got some wrong. Lego super-fans and historians, please forgive any errors, it's been a while. :-)

Great Lego store: Bricks World in Singapore

Another Lego link from my blog... this time, exciting news for anyone who's travelling to Singapore :-)